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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2013 1:30am-2:00am PST

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all these things that matter to the day to day lives of our district residents is something that we're always careful to look to. i didn't want to speak too much about things i worked on the in the past, but i wanted to appreciate my time here on the board. i think that through the years, you know, when i first came on board, i don't think anyone would disagree i was more of a reluctant candidate than anything, but i've really grown, as supervisor wiener had mentioned to really love the job because of what it really means and the responsibility you have to improve the daily live of every san franciscan that we have here. so, it really is a tremendous honor, it's a tremendous privilege to be able to do that. it is very unique to be able to do that. so, so quickly has time passed by. it's been five years now, over five years now. and i find myself feeling very, very sad to leave. so, though i know there is a large opportunity at the assessor's office and i look forward to working on the issues there, it is really i think as many people said, very bitter sweet. yesterday i was wearing all
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black. i was in mourning, not only because i'll be leaving working with all of you and all our different issues that we've touched upon, but also because i'm going to be leaving my incredible staff. so, the mourning is very appropriate in that case. i think with my thanks, i do have to make a lot of thanks, i have to say thanks to district 4 for giving me the opportunity to serve. to have voted for me in two years, 2008 and '10, it's been an honor and privilege to serve the residents and to work with everybody there. to angela and your tremendous staff, thank you so much for all of your work in supporting us. we couldn't do what we do without you. and i think some of your clerks are the most amazing clerks that really help us stay on task. i really appreciate all of that work. there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. to, of course, harvey, carol adams who was with us before, john who is with us now, thank you. you guys have to sit there all of our meetings. and, so, give us advice even
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when we may not want it. so, thank you. and, of course, to each and every one of you here on the board, i can't tell you how much i've grown as a direct result of working with all of you and learning from you and just building friendships and relationships over the years. it's really been a tremendous experience and i know that we'll continue to do that in my new role. i do have to give a special shout out to sean. when i first came on the board as a supervisor, he really helped to carry me through and really helped to advise me and help me get situated. so, it wouldn't be right if i didn't mention him. too bad he's not here today, but i do have to thank him for all of his -- he may be watching, right -- for all of his support. to my family and to scott, i love you, my sister is actually right there. i love you very much. i couldn't do it without you and you guys are my rock. so, i want to thank you. and finally, of course, to my staff, candy, i know you're at home watching.
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i can't thank you enough for all the sacrifices you make as a single mother who works hard every day. your love for the district is something that i want to thank you for. day in and day out you work hard every single day. so, thank you. to katie, so, everybody i think heard that three times today. first your announcement, second after the announcement, and then third right before the board meeting. because it couldn't have happened to a better person. so, you guys will all know how much -- what a wonderful person she is. she's going to be a tremendous colleague on the board. and i think the district is in great hands. so, with that, i will stop my comments. i want to thank you all for all of your hard work and your continued leadership and move on to the assessor's office. i look forward to collecting all the money that is legally owed to us. [laughter]
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>> i look forward to doing that, officially, fairly, and i look forward to seeing how you all spend it. thank you very much again for the privilege to serve with you. thank you. (applause) >> madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams? >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals. on behalf of supervisor cohen, for the late reverend wenzel jackson and ms. yvonne harris jackson. on behalf of supervisor kim, for the late ms. cornelia
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godfrey, and on behalf of supervisor avalos, for the late lawrence collins. >> madam clerk, is there any more business in front of the body? >> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> superintendent assessor, godspeed. with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [adjourned]
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?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are
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those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe
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that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind
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cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right.
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we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it
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really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites.
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i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see